Beef Raised With An "Old Rag Mountain View"

Jimmy & Robin Rider

Etlan, Virginia

Locally Raised And Finished - Quality Beef "The Way It Used To Be"

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Keep eating beef, so long as it's pastured. Ignore latest "study."
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Our beef is raised "pharmaceutically clean" in that we don't feed antibiotics nor implant or feed hormones to our beef. In addition, we do not apply bio-solids/sludge to our pastures or to those that we lease and manage.

We try to be the best stewards of our land, farm and livestock that you can find for the beef you purchase. We are always trying to keep it simple and sane on our farm.

We do not maintain momma cows and their calves on our farm. We purchase our young beef stock/calves as “steers or bulls” from our local neighboring farms/ farmers and most have less than 5 miles to travel to our farm where they may live with us for up to 2 years. We DO give vaccines to our young beef as we purchase them from others to protect them from illness, just as we do to protect our young children. If one of our young steers becomes ill while they are with us, we will give targeted antibiotics on an individual basis to heal them. We work closely with our local veterinarian when needed to assure our steers the best care possible. We maintain an in-depth health record on all beef purchased and raised on our farm.

Our beef are always on green grass pastures and are never confined in a feed lot, even to finishing. We follow rotational grazing practices and move our steers as the grass allows and per the season, using poly-wire techniques or from field to field. Our steers do receive a very small ration of custom mixed dry grain for daily consumption to ensure tenderness. and tastiness at the finishing stage. The ration does not consist of fermented or soy products. This mixture of grain is a simple and time honored mixture that is devoid of byproducts, preservatives or additives. We personally hand feed our steers daily in poly-feeders on pasture ( no matter their age), so that we make sure that our beef stay happy and healthy and can spot any problems should they arise that requires intervention. The amount of dry grain they receive is really a minor part of our beef's diet. We call it their dessert and the look on their faces while they eat is just like watching someone eat ice cream on a hot day in July!

The amount of grain used in the growing and finishing stage is closely monitored to ensure that the ph of the calf’s/steer’s rumen is not shifted to a detrimental range that would harm their health or increase the risk to yours of excess bacteria.

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Virginia Grown Virginia's Finest

Think of us when you are eating, as we always think of you as we are farming and we aim to make it the best!

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