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Locally Raised And Finished - Quality Beef "The Way It Used To Be"

Presently taking wholesale orders for 2024
If interested, please fill out the Order Form and return as soon as convenient.

We  believe in the adage of “local is best” and we hope to continue to supply our family , friends and customers with all the beef that they can consume at the local level. For small retail cuts of beef by the pound, individual piece, you may purchase our beef at our local farmer's markets when open, local non-box stores, and here at the farm by appointment. We also have larger quantities such as mixed quarters, half, whole sides and pre-boxed selections.

Download our 2024_Wholesale_Beef_Order_Form/price list (or visit Our Online Shopping Store under the Wholesale Beef Tab).
Download more information about placing your order and picking it up.
For retail price of beef, see Our Online Shopping Store under the Retail Beef Catalog.
Tips For Handling, Thawing, Refreezing & Cooking Your Beef Order.

Our beef is processed at a USDA processing plant, “abattoir,” less than one hour from our farm. The beef is dry aged and hung for 10-14 days to ensure excellent taste and tenderness. It is then flash frozen and vacuum sealed and labeled with our USDA label that includes description and weight. The beef is not gassed or injected with fluids.

If you feel that what we have to offer is what you are looking for regardless of the availability in your area, here is how you can purchase our product:

1. Payment is by cash, check, VISA, MC, American Express, both here at the home farm and at the Madison Farmer’s Market. A 3.9% additional charge is assessed to cover merchant services for use of credit cards.

2. Wholesale: We offer mixed quarters cut to our specification and  halves and whole steers cut to your specification.
Our price to you is based on hanging weight of your steer. The hanging weight is considered the weight of the steer minus head, hide and organs.  You will pay us solely for the hanging weight of your steer. The hanging weight does not include the weight of the organs but these are for you to take home if you want them. You will then also pay the processor for the cost of processing and preparing your beef for you and will pay them separately from us. Our private label will be used and is free of charge to you in packaging. The label will have cut of beef and weight included on each package. This price and way of purchasing is the ultimate great deal and offers so much versatility to your families’ dining experience. It is also the most economical way to purchase the beef. Talk with your family and friends to see if they are interested in pursuing this avenue and split it amongst yourselves. Example: purchase a whole beef for 2 families and get the lower price of a whole beef vs that of a half beef. We will meet you at the processor to help you pick up your beef that you have custom cut.

Download our 2024_Wholesale_Beef_Order_Form/price list (or visit Our Online Shopping Store under the Wholesale Beef Tab).
Download more information about placing your order and picking it up.
Tips For Handling, Thawing, Refreezing & Cooking Your Beef Order.

Call us or email us if you have questions. Availability is first come-first-serve. Once your confirmed order form and deposit are received as well as agreed upon time of processing, an emailed cutsheet (for half and whole side beef orders only) will be emailed to be completed and returned promptly.

3. Farmer’s Markets:
We are open for business at The Madison County Farmer’s Market.

Jimmy at the farmer's market
Jimmy mans the Rider's Backfield Farm Beef stall at the farmer's market.

Download our 2024_Wholesale_Beef_Order_Form/price list (or visit Our Online Shopping Store under the Wholesale Beef Tab).
Download more information about placing your order and picking it up.

4. On-Farm Sales:

We are open and encourage on- farm sales on Saturdays and other days by prearrangement. Appointment slots are 30 minutes to assure cleaning and sanitizing of our farm store. On-farm Covid Precautions (masking and social distancing) are still being followed based on present infection rates in our state and county. This appears to be a fluid process especially during the Winter months. If you see the Nurse Practitioner/farmer in a mask when making a visit, assume that the rate is too high and a mask is needed. We are normally closed for business on Sundays unless previously arranged.

Jimmy welcomes visitors to Rider's Backfield Farm
Jimmy welcomes visitors to Rider's Backfield Farm.

Please understand that we cannot accommodate any animals, such as dogs, out of their owner’s vehicles, at any time. Children must be supervised by adults at all times.

Family $Package
Rider's Backfield Farm Beef's Family Package

5. Restaurants, Delis, Caterers and local non-box stores:
We are always open to any ideas from our culinary friends and will try to work with you on a one to one basis to make sure that you are fully satisfied. We find that the most economical route at this level is to consider the whole and half beef wholesale purchase option and have it processed to your specification, but we are always open to suggestion especially if you are looking at the less prime but actually tastier cuts. Larger orders of these less prime cuts will ensure a better retail purchase price through a discount. For a delivery fee, we will deliver (our frozen product) to your premises.

6. Local School Systems:
We are now able to supply any local school or small school system with custom made burgers for those who are interested in supplying a 100% all-beef patty to their students. We can also supply loose burger at a competitive price. Call or email check Our Online Shopping Store under Retail Beef Catalog for particulars


Recommended Links and local places to try Rider's Backfield Farm Beef:

The Madison County Farmer’s Market
The Ole Country Store, Culpeper, Virginia.
Local Harvest

Information & Instructions:

Download Rider's Beef Cooking Tips (pdf)
Download Rider's Beef Grilling Instructions (pdf)
Download Rider's Bratwurst, Kielbasa, Andouille Instructions (pdf)
Tips For Handling, Thawing, Refreezing & Cooking Your Beef Order

All meat is sold frozen and is vacuum packed with our USDA label. Fresh beef by special arrangement only.

Virginia Grown Virginia's Finest

Think of us when you are eating, as we always think of you as we are farming and we aim to make it the best!

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